“ Children love to play. It’s a tremendous source of entertainment, amusement and excitement for even the smallest child (and for adults!).

“ But play is also so much more. It promotes learning and helps build relationships, bringing parents and children closer together, it also helps develop many different kinds of skills in a growing child.

“ Play is vital for a growing child and also a great excuse to have fun of course.”

Alice Sharp
M.D. Wonderbox



Wonderboxes are a range of toys, games and activities designed to be shared between parents, carers and children.

As well as the items for play each box contains a booklet with a selection of suggested activities written by professional educationalists who specialise in early years care and education.

Activities cover the age range from 0 to 5 years and are specifically tailored to each of the stages of your child's development as they grow.

Our ethos is to promote child learning and development in a natural and caring way. Research indicates that a child’s social and emotional learning is just as important as other types of learning. That is why all our products and suggested activities involve sharing the play between adult and child.

For example, we do not recommend the use of recorded music with our Song Box since sharing the music making is of more benefit for the child and for the carer child relationship, even for the worst of singers!




“Learning Nuggets
with Alice Sharp”
Double DVD

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